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Post  xinyuntian01 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:44 am

What a great show. Blending life with magic seamlessly. Here, rating my fav seasons, 1=best, 10=worst, etc.1: Season 5-Definitely the best season of Buffy. It's where Buffy is Californication 1-3 season complete really grown up, not in the horrors of high school or the awkwardness of college. Boston Legal 1-5 dvds box set Also good, because Riley finally leaves. (Can you tell I don't like his character?) The death of Joyce in "The Body" is so sad, and has almost no supernatural elements in it at all, but it works. "The Gift" is definitely great. This season is more spiritual, with Buffy learning more meditative techniques than violence from Giles, and her "self-sacrifice"...."death is your gift." And let's not forget Glory, one of the best Big Bads of all time. Best Episode: "Fool for Love" (Spike and Dru flashbacks!) Worst Episode: "Into the Woods" (Stupid junkie Riley.)2. Season 7-I know many say that this is Buffy's weakest season, but I, as you can see, obviously disagree. Willow is learning how to use her powers for the white hats, and Dawn goes to high school. Finally. The Potentials make Supernatural dvd season the show really interesting.....almost Harry Potter-esque--but not in a bad way. The addition of Andrew to the cast is great as well. Best Episode: So many....uh "Conversations With Dead People," "Selfless," "Storyteller," "Chosen" Worst Episode: "Lessons" 3. Season 3-Good season. The addition of Faith and Wesley makes for a nice change, and Big Bad The Mayor is up there with Glory tv series Dexter dvd in the coolest spot. Buffy at its best. Best Episode: "Dopplegangland" or "The Wish" Worst Episode: Not any real bad ones, but "Amends" gets on my nerves.4. Season 6-This and the next one are basically tied. I absolutely love this season because of the magic, and NCIS seasons 1-7 boxset "Once More, With Feeling". But junkie Willow can be annoying. It's OK to stray from the path, but I think this season went a little overboard. Best Episode: "Once More, With Feeling" Worst Episode: "Wrecked"5. Season 2-This and Season 6 are tied, just to let you know. The relationship between Buffy and Angel is great, just as is Cordy's and Xander's, and Willow's and Oz's. The season of love. Spike and Dru rock too. Best Episode: "Becoming" Worst Episode: "When She Was Bad"6. Season 1-I like this season, but everything is just too campy. I sure don't remember streetwalker vinyl being 'in' in 1997, but hey, good writing. Best Episode: "Witch" Worst Episode: "Teacher's Pet"7. Season 4-The addition of Riley to the cast is dumb. Bad character. Buffy loses Angel and falls in love with a.....frat boy? Plus, the show literally changes from fantasy to SciFi with the addition of The Initiative. Really. It reminded me of Stargate. Still some good eps though. Best Episode: "Hush", "Superstar," or "Restless" Worst Episode: "Where the Wild Things Are" (Riley and Buffy having icky intercourse...with vines. They just HAD to up the sex appeal, didn't they?)I have one question......why did they suddenly leave off with college after Season 4? I mean, sure, Buffy had reasons--first Joyce was sick, then she had Dawn...but they made it look like Willow and Tara were just job/school-less. College has more homework than that....Television History.
At any price less than $ 210., this is a Dexter boxset collection bargain, since 7 seasons at 30. would cost that.It is even worth MORE than 7 seperate seasons just for saving me the shelf space.I have never watched ANY show or movie more than once, I hate repeats, but I have watched Star Trek Voyager seasons 1-7 collection Buffy re-runs on tv every morning for years. I am thrilled to not have to see any more FX commercials to watch BTVS.If the price bothers you: watch it on tv, wait for the price to come down, buy it used, or buy the individual seasons from all the people that are trying to get rid of them. But like I said, this set seems like a deal to me.I did pre-order Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes dvds boxset the set at the lower price, I Sex and the City 1-6 set look at it as a benefit for early commitment to amazon rather than shopping for the where to buy The Big Bang Theory best deal, sometimes loyalty pays off.
I won't go into depth regarding the series. Let's just say I am a fan, and have been since season one. I really do miss the show, and while it plays every day on several channels here in re-runs....I felt that I wanted the collection on DVD. Just to enjoy the great picture and sound quality.So, is this sale Queer as Folk dvd collection edition available in Canada? I don't know. I have not been able to find it. However, I do want to pass on this tip. You can find seasons 1-6 bundled together for $199 Cnd or less. I just purchased them for $169 Cnd. Added season 7 for $50 and so for $219 Cnd, I had the full set.I bought it at Futureshop. The set is available online from FS buy The Unit dvd box set and BestBuy in Canada. However, I tried ordering South Park seasons for sale through both and never did get it shipped. Eventually I purchased it in store at one of the FS's that had the season 1-6 set in stock. Again, for $169 does not show the full 1-7 set or 1-6 set as a sales item. That's too bad for them, because I would have happily purchased from them.
I finally bought Buffy on DVD after a huge price drop, and it is worth it. Better buy now if you're interested before it skyrockets again. This set comes in a slip-out box that holds 7 regular sized DVD cases. Each case holds one season with 3-6 discs Sons of Anarchy series season 1-2 inside. There is an empty slot for presumably the Bonus features disc, and it is not included with this set. Hardcore fans will be disappointed but personally I don't mind if it means an affordable price. My only complaint: Not exactly great quality on an aging TV series. But the point is Buffy isn't THAT old (1997), and I've seen better restorations on way older films. I've only checked the first season so far, but the picture is very grainy, not crisp, and the colors are not bright. It almost reminds you of VHS. Did they Fringe set collection really have to cram 3 audio tracks on each disc? That helps bring down the image quality on these. Why not make a separate French DVD set for the people who How I Met Your Mother 1-5 series seasons want it, and let everyone get a better quality release.


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